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Well yes and no. One of the bigger problems until now, has been the "problem of evil".
I believe this problem is solved on these pages, But although we solve that problem, there are other more serious and profound problems.
The questions treatet on these pages, are not just about the christian god, but also goes for the jewish and muslim god, since they are in fact the same god.

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Have you decided if you want catpcha or something similar?

I've been using computers since 1982
Started off with the venerable Commodore C64
Then Atari ST520 quickly replaced with an Amiga 1000
When the Amiga was dying I left the sinking ship and bought an 386 PC. I've been using PC's ever since
I've also owned a MAC IIcx, which is by far the most expensive and useless computer I've ever owned.

Of all the computers I've owned, the Amiga 1000 outshines the others by a huge margin.